Cathodic Arc Deposition

High Hardness Ceramic Coatings for Increasing Part Life

Surface Engineering Technologies LLC applies metal and ceramic physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings to tools and parts using a proprietary, low temperature cathodic arc process. Most metals can be used to apply coatings from .2 to 15 microns thick, and with the introduction of nitrogen and carbon containing gases we can produce the following ceramic nitrides and carbo-nitrides. 

table of properties and coefficient of friction

Coatings can be applied at temperatures below 150oC and preserves the integrity of the parts dimensions without heat related warping. The process also preserves the heat treatment of aluminum and steels. Substrate materials which can be processed include brass, bronze, titanium, aluminums, steels, glass, chrome and nickel plated ceramic and carbides.

Each of these coatings serves a specific need and application, determined by cost, frictional need, operating temp, action of the wearing motion, and maximum required tool life. We can even stack our Molybdenum Disulphide and Metal Ion Implantation processes with these coatings to get incredibly high performing and durable surfaces.

Keegan Knorr
Director of Surface Engineering/R&D
Surface Engineering Technologies LLC