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Available Coatings from Surface Engineering Technologies LLC Material Research – Fall 2010

chart of metal coating and corresponding hardness, coefficient of friction, maximum service temperature, and color factors available from Surface Engineering Technologies LLC

Best Hardness Coatings from Surface Engineering Technologies LLC

MoS2 versus DLC Lubricant Coatings

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) has a Maximum Operation Temperature of only 250°C

Surface Engineering Technologies’ MoS2 coating has the ability to work in Temperatures up to 600° C

DLC has a Hardness rating of 2000. Unlike DLC, which is a thick coating on a surface, MoS2 is deposited onto the material @ .5 microns and will assume the hardness values of that material including our other PVD hard coatings up to and over 3000!

DLC should not wear against Ferrous surfaces.

DLC’s Low Coefficient of friction is greatly increased in a Vacuum to .2 – .7 CoF (NASA 2000 Study)